Indian Sandalwood Scented Candle


Product Details

The Fernweh collection is an expression of the intense desire to travel and explore! The Aery essential oils transport you to far off destinations. Combinations of fruity musky notes and rich spiced scents. Designed to fill your home with a long-lasting fragrance. Hand-poured into matte porcelain clay pots that are perfect for re-use. Why not use yours to grow indoor plants? An alluringly glossy scented candle the Indian Sandalwood candle has full notes of Sandalwood balanced with peppery tobacco combined with the warmth of tonka bean. Enhance your living space with its silky smooth fragrance. Cedar essential oil promotes better sleep meaning this candle is great for master bedrooms. The charcoal clay pot with a matching lid that is perfect for reusing. Founded in 2018, Aery has created a sustainable, ethical brand of home fragrance and wellbeing products. They develop fragrances with wellbeing always at the core. Made in the UK with sustainable ingredients, they use 100% plant-based wax and carrier oils that are free from paraffin and palm. They are proudly vegan and cruelty-free and as an eco-conscious brand all our products and paper are plastic-free and recyclable.