Alice Caroline

Liberty Print Hot Water Bottle - Ianthe


Product Details

Liberty Print Hot Water Bottle - Ianthe These hot water bottles have a cover that is made from Liberty fabric. We have four versions of this hot water bottle - Ianthe as you find here - and also Ciara, Wiltshire Royal and Betsy Dragonfruit. The cover has a padded lining and contains the actual hot water bottle as well. The ribbon tie around the neck of the cover can be untied if you need or want to remove the hot water bottle itself, otherwise with careful use you can probably leave it in place and fill and empty the bottle with the cover still attached. The seam of top seam of the hot water bottle has a satin binding on it for both comfort and finish. This fabric design is also available in a small flat purse and a cosmetic bag. Measurements: 35.5cm x 20.5cm x 3cm