Ashley & Co

Candle Accessory Kit


Product Details

Get the most from your premium scented candles using the Ashley & Co wick trimmer and snuffer. **Snippy Wick** A regular wick snip (to about 6mm) helps create an even and slim burn, ensuring longevity and maximum scent throw. **Snuffy Wick** Hover the bell over the flame to extinguish safely. If necessary, use Snippy Wick prior to the next burn. Matte black metal Delivered unboxed Starting as a creative experiment led by the ever-curious Jackie Ashley. Potions were concocted and scents created, informed by Jackie’s memories of exotic travel and a childhood growing up in Hong Kong. Eventually, once the scents reached perfection, Jackie’s husband Ben was enlisted to help. A graphic designer, Ben added his bit of magic, too. The packaging and product design took shape, a true creative partnership was formed, and the Ashley & Co. brand became a reality.