Buzz Rickson's

M65 Liner Jacket - Olive


Product Details

* This is the reproduction based on the liner for the M-65 Field jacket. The M-65 Field jacket came with an exclusive liner to better protect soldiers from the cold. By quilting the padded fabric, the lining was made dramatically lighter and warmer compared to previous alpaca and wool liners. It also uses a wave stitch to prevent the padding from slipping. The liner has buttonholes on the neck, cuffs, and front edges to attach to the buttons on the field jacket's interior. While a conventional M-65 liner is designed exclusively for fly-front closure jackets and thus cannot be worn by itself, this liner has a zipper and other modified specs so that it can also be worn by itself. * Material: 100% Nylon * Interlining: Insulation Polyester Pile (100% Polyester) * Fastener: Mil Specs Brass (Bell-shaped CONMATIC Zipper) * Label: Buzz Rickson Mfg.Co., Inc. * Made in Japan