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Tabletop Stone Grill


Product Details

This hot stone grill allows two or more diners to enjoy the sizzling sensation of cooking on the rock! Big enough for a selection of cuts, whether that's all meat for a posh mixed grill, fish for a healthy treat or a selection of deliciously cooked vegetables. With plenty of room on the stone, the stone is kept sizzling hot during dining and allows you and your guests plenty of time to sizzle and cook the meal just the way they like it. With no need for oil or fat, cooking on a hot stone is a healthy way to enjoy elegant and enjoyable dining. Stone is handwash only (ensure the stone is completely cool before washing) Wipe clean all other parts once cool. Stone is preheated in the oven prior to being kept hot with burners. Burners required fondue/chafing gel, readily available online, not included. 5-year guarantee.