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The Mountain Candle


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Citrus | Lavender | Sandalwood Feel equilibrium and rejuvenated when you light The Mountain's fragrant soy wax candle. Reinvigorate yourself as you traverse mountain trails, letting yourself be immersed in nature and taking in the crisp mountain atmosphere. Wipe your mind of worries and reset your sensory perceptions with invigorating citric aromas that will stimulate and enliven any mood. Mediterranean lavender mingles with delicate rose petals, accompanied by venturesome hints of rosemary, resting on a sturdy bed of sandalwood, vetivert, and patchouli. Let the scent take your spirits to the peak of the mountain. Rejuvenate with Nature. You can take it for granted that thesecandles and gifting products are created with an environment friendly agenda. Every candle is made of vegan friendly soy wax, hand poured into glass and wrapped within infinitely recyclable paper and protective film wrapping. Top Notes: Sicilian Bergamot - Fresh Citrus Heart Notes: Mediterranean Lavender – Damask Rose– Aromatic Rosemary Base Notes: Sandalwood - Vetivert - Patchouli 200g burn time approx. 40 hours