Falcon Enamelware

3 Pint Enamel Jug - Cream


Product Details

3 Pint Enamel Jug - Cream This handsome and tall enamel jug has a capacity of 3 pints and comes in a variety of different but complimentary colours: black, oyster grey, red, mustard yellow and burgundy. Falcon also introduce limited editon colours, the newest of these are cream, tarragon and Rose Marie. Falcon also make these jugs in 1 pint and 2 pint variations. This larger size would make a great pitcher for water on a table or equally the height of the jug would make it a great vessel for some long stemmed flowers. The black and red jugs have a rim the same colour as the body of the jug. The oyster grey jug has a darker grey rim. The burgundy jug has a white rim as do the mustard yellow, Marie Rose, cream and tarragon versions. Measurements: Height: 23cm Diameter (at base): 11cm Diameter (at rim): 9.7cm Enamel can chip if it is damaged/mishandled.