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Indoor Watering Can - 1.1L


Product Details

Indoor Watering Can - 1.1L Green plastic watering cans may do the job but they are universally ugly. Which is fine if you have acres of space in which to store an ugly watering can but . . . . can be countered with a watering can that actually looks really smart and has a sculptural quality to it. These metal indoor watering cans are designed with a long spout to aid the watering of indoor plants where you can direct the flow of water to exactly where you need it, without having to fight your way to get there. The metal has been powder coated in this chalky white colour. The watering can also comes in a capacity of 1.9L. These items are hand welded so there may be some marks where the soldering has been done to join the handle to the body, there may also be cases where the powder coating has not completely covered the inside of the spout and where the galvanised metal is therefore visible - see photo. Measurements: 1.1L:  Height: 20cm, Length: 35cm, Depth (front to back): 13.5cm