Ghanaian Handwoven Lightshade 'burnt Orange Band'


Product Details

Handwoven Ghanaian wicker lightshade. Accentuate your individuality with this luscious, all-natural piece. Invoke the peaceful tropical climate, creating a warm and cultural space within your home. This rattan lightshade is best used as a ceiling lightshade. Perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. The impressive craftsmanship and our exclusive design make for a remarkable centrepiece lightshade. With its easy-to-use fitting, simply fix into place and enjoy. It is constructed with Veta Vera grass, using natural dyes and traditional weaving techniques in Ghana. **PLEASE READ: These products are handmade, and although we strive to make them identical, there may be very slight differences between them.** ##### **WHO MADE YOUR LIGHTSHADE?** Our woven baskets, shades, and fans from Ghana, are made by a talented group of artisans based in the Upper East Region, under the Burkina Fasso border. The baskets are made with indigenous Veta Vera grass which grows abundantly in this hot, dry area. The co-operative we have partnered with is led by Agana who works closely with the weavers. **Read more about our Artisans here.** ##### DETAILS Materials: Elephant Grass Sizing: Base diameter 39cm / Height 17cm ##### CARE Your lightshade may arrive folded or slightly out of shape. When this occurs, Ghanaian lightshade can be easily brought back to life with a quick steam using a steamer or steam setting on your iron. Steam the lightshade and manually shape. Please be careful as the straw may be hot. To clean your Ghanaian lightshade, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge, remove most of the moisture with a dry towel and leave to air dry naturally. Avoid placing your lightshade in direct sunlight as this may cause some of the colours to fade.