Have A Look

Sunglasses - Type C - Olive


Product Details

Danish design with an edge in colours and shapes that match any outfit, mood and personality. Have A Look’s collection of glasses is all about making you look sharp! Inspired by the latest trends of fashion and interior design, paying close attention to form and function, down to the detail - play with your personal style. These stylish sunglasses have flexible arms which are spring-loaded to help the frame fit your face, making the glasses very comfortable to wear. The flexible arms also mean that the frame does not break easily ... and the glasses fit very well in a hair style, precisely because of the springs. Care: As with all specs and sunglasses, avoid putting them on your head, as this weakens the frame. Your Have A Look glasses are quite hard-wearing ... and they come in a neat case, but you will, of course, need to clean them sometimes. Use a polishing cloth and wash them occasionally with a mild soap or detergent.