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An Opinionated Guide To Queer London by Frank Gallaugher


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If it’s queer, it’s definitely here: culturally and historically, London is one of the premier cities in the world for LGBTQ+ life. With so much on offer, it can be hard to know where to go. This is where Hoxton Mini Press comes in. Offering everything from riotous club nights and funky cabaret to drag brunches, film festivals, and art and cultural tours exploring queer trailblazers, Hoxton Mini Press have sorted the fierce and fresh from the tired and tame to ensure you experience only the cream of the London scene. An Opinionated Guide to Queer London 1st edition Text by Frank Gallaugher Contains 55 places, an introduction, a map and seasonal events 160pp Paperback 112 x 162mm By Hoxton Mini Press