13cm Blue Ceramic Tulle Vase


Product Details

Named after Tulle Emborg, one of the most talented painters in Kähler's workshop during the 1930s and 40s, The Tulle series recreates the swirling, circular brush strokes that were so popular in Denmark at the time. The new handmade designs celebrate the original expressive, vibrant ceramics with beautiful hand-painted vases, authentic and rich in nostalgia but fit for a modern age. This medium-sized Tulle Vase has a dark blue base colour and is painted with white swirling curls before a deep, rich glaze is applied reflecting those used in the original Kähler workshop. The rounded shape of the vase provides a sculptural outline for a striking contemporary look. Size: Height 13 cm x Diameter 8.5 cm Material: Earthenware Hand Painted