Lovely Linen

100% European Linen Guest Towel in Denim Blue


Product Details

A lovely hand towel for your use, for guests or for a kitchen towel. These little towels not only look great, they are also highly absorbent, easy to care for and completely natural and ethical. They come with a little hanging loop for ease of use. Linen not only has a natural organic and beautiful structure, it also has many practical benefits as well. It dries quickly and rejects dirt. It is highly absorbent so particularly good for towels. Linen is also easy to wash and can be tumble dried (the wrinkles add to the character) and it will become softer and have more character the more you use it. Lovely Linen has been making working with linen since 1992. They use flax grown in Europe (where linen originated from thousands of years ago) as well as manufacturing in Europe too. This enables them to ensure that their range of products are all made both ethically and sustainably with minimum impact to the planet.