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For those that want the added benefit of one-on-one coaching - I got you. Alongside the Creative Elixir Group Coaching programme you'll receive my undivided attention over the next three months. We'll get strategic and work through your specific challenges, hurdles and problems so you have a clear plan of action on how to move forward. I believe we are on this planet only once. That right now is the chance, the opportunity you have to create a life that fills you with such joy and passion and creativity. If you have been waiting for the right moment to make a change I can help you on your way. I'll be your personal business coach, working with you to get your creative business on the right track to grow and earn you a living and a beautiful life. I'll be here to hold you accountable, so you do the important things first, rather than living behind your fear of failing. Meticulous Ink is my proof that it can work. Let's work together to get you on the right path. _What's included:_ **• One-on-One Coaching** _\-_ Over the next three months we'll have six coaching sessions together to work on you current challenges and move you towards your goals. Each session will be 45 minutes and you'll receives specific action steps after each one. Sessions will be held fortnightly, to give you the opportunity to complete your actions, work on your mindset and be creative. **• Group Coaching** \- Over the next three months you'll be part of three group coaching calls, where I'll be leading specific sessions around mindset, planning and consistency. Have a specific, burning question that you need help with? Here is where you can get answers from me as specific as you like around your current challenges and hurdles. I'm here to get you earning from your creativity. Group call dates: Monday 15th January, 5.30pm UK Monday 12th February, 5.30pm UK Monday 11th March, 5.30pm UK If you can't attend the calls live there will be a link so you can watch at your leisure. **• Quarterly Planner** \- If you are anything like me, you prefer a physical journal or sketchbook to pour out your best ideas. You'll receive your own physical journal to plan your next three months, so you can get focused on what's important, figure out your goals, and be able to fulfil your wildest dreams, one practical step at a time. You'll receive your physical planner before 15th January, in time for our first coaching call. **• Group Access** \- You'll be part of the first cohort group, where you can get to know a small group of creatives on the same path as you. There is nothing like being able to open up about your business worries or creative concerns with folk that **really** get it. This is where you can float ideas, get feedback or share your wins with people that really care and want to celebrate with you. • Accountability to achieve those goals thanks to this certified business coach. • A cheerleader in your corner to get you through that negative self-talk and to boost your confidence. • A plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the next three months. I have limited space available for one-on-one, and doors will close on 7th January. If you are ready to make a real, lasting change, this is the place you were meant to be.