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Handwriting Kit


Product Details

If you've always wanted to improve your handwriting and are a little intimidated by calligraphy, then this kit will show you how to elevate your writing with ease. It includes a gorgeous Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen, perfect for those new to the delights of the fountain pen, plus a pack of ten cartridges in assorted colours. The kit includes full instructions and tips on how to use the pen, shows a smooth cursive alphabet, numbers & punctuation, and gives hints on how to join your letters. Inside you will find: * 1 x Kaweco Perkeo Clear Fountain Pen * 1 x Pack of 10 assorted ink cartridges * 1 x Instruction sheet * 2 x Cursive Alphabet Guide Sheets * 6 x Lined practice sheets This kit comes packed in a beautiful ribboned box, perfect as a gift for someone starting their handwriting journey or anyone who wants to improve their writing. This is also something extra special for a youngster embarking on their first fountain pen. The Kaweco Perkeo can be upgraded by adding a Cartridge Converter and selection of bottled fountain pen ink. Add in a Kaweco Cleansing Syringe to keep your fountain pen in top condition.