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Green Salad Bowl


Product Details

Our beautiful JUST stoneware salad bowl has a contemporary design and soft matte finish combined with strong, clean lines and slender shape perfect to set the scene for a beautiful table. Great size for salads, pasta dishes and sharing bowls. Style them with other pieces from the collection with table linen, natural wooden and marble serving boards for standout style. Or keep it simple for a minimal feel that focuses attention on the food itself. Every piece is handcrafted on a wheel using traditional methods of pottery practiced in the Thimi area of Nepal for years. Thimi is one of the oldest and most important pottery-making villages of Nepal. Home to more than 100 potters, who have been working for centuries, keep this craft alive by passing it from one generation to another. Traditionally a caste-based occupation done by members of the Newar Kumale caste, bearing the surname Prajapati.