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Parfum 24 Midsummer 10 Ml


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10ml Travel Size Unisex Parfum - Handmade in the Norfolk Living Perfumery If you are a dreamer - come in - it is midsummer.The fig trees are laden with sweet fruit, their leaves bursting with sunlight. It is a time of celebration - a time to revel in romance - to embrace the heavy sultry notes of gardenia. Only as night falls does the earth give up its secrets, both sensual, rich and green. The warm breeze caresses our cheeks with its hot breath, the muddle of Jasmine, Vetiver and Cedarwood is at once both intimate and wild. Floral Notes: Fig Seed, Jasmine, Gardenia, Vetiver, CedarwoodGently roll a small amount of oil directly onto your pulse points, such as your temples, inner wrists and inner elbows.