Neutre Absolu, Neutral Skincare Cream


Product Details

This velvety skincare balm provides silky protection to sensitive and intolerant skin, combining the highly nourishing potency of shea, jojoba, and coconut oils with the calming and balancing virtues of white lily, evening primrose, and cotton. A truly gentle natural treatment for all skin types, it is especially beneficial to intolerant skins or phases (youth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, reactions, sensitivity, etc.) thanks to the total absence of essential oils and fragrances. 50ml. Fine organic skincare from the South of France, patiently hand-crafted in small batches ensuring the best quality and most effective product. Plants are the heart of Oppidum's creations. Barks, seeds, flowers, roots, leaves and branches provide, cosmetics with the natural intensity of their active ingredients. Through its 3 cosmetic lines, Bois de Rose, Ecorces & Graines and Neutre Absolu, OPPIDUM offers 100% natural and organic skincare balms, certified Cosmos Organic, cruelty free and vegan.