Vintage Washed M-65 Fishtail Coat in Khaki


Product Details

This is a Vintage Washed M-65 Fishtail Coat made of high-density woven cotton fabric. It features fade-out washing with a vintage-style color and texture, and puckering at each sewing line. Through a special washing process, it is soft to the touch and can be worn in a natural silhouette. This product is made from cotton material that is soft to wear and shows natural wrinkling and aging. It is made with dropped shoulders and an oversized sleeve line, and has an attractive loose fit with sleeve tuck details. This is a fishtail coat with strings placed at the hem and waist, so it can be styled into a silhouette that suits the wearer, and the volume can be adjusted. SIZE MEDIUM LARGE LENGTH 96 98 SHOULDER 61 63 CHEST 69 71 SLEEVE 62 63 MODEL SIZE 177CM WEARING SIZE L FABRIC 100% COTTON