Vintage Washed Tee in Purple


Product Details

This product stands out with its vintage texture and color, and the puckering that appears on each sewing line through the fade-out washing process. The washing process prevents shrinkage and shows natural, irregular fading. This product is made of 16-count 300G cotton fabric, and the pattern is designed to hold the shoulder line when worn and not stick to the body, allowing natural body shape correction. Through the washing, tumble & tenter process, the line shape of the clothes was processed so that it does not easily collapse so that it can be worn for a long time. This VTG washed tee is an item that stands out for its washed feel and can be worn alone during the summer season. *Due to the nature of the washed product, there may be differences in the degree of washing or color. Colors - PURPLE, BLUE, MINT, BEIGE, WHITE, GREEN, BLACK, CHARCOAL SIZE MEDIUM LARGE LENGTH 67.5 69.5 SHOULDER 52 53 CHEST 63 65 SLEEVE 25 26 MODEL SIZE BLACK HAIR - 175CM WEARING SIZE L BROWN HAIR - 186CM WEARING SIZE L FABRIC 80% COTTON, 20% POLYESTER