Vintage Washed Wide Work Jacket in Pink


Product Details

This jacket is made of high-density cotton fabric. It features fade-out washing with a vintage-style color and texture, and puckering at each sewing line. It is an item that has excellent durability due to its hard texture and moderate weight, and can be seen aging to suit the wearer the more it is worn. This jacket design has a vintage work vibe and features color-coordinated collar details and outer pockets. The shoulders are slightly angled and dropped so you can wear them to take advantage of the unique mood of a vintage work jacket, and the sleeves are made to be loose, so you can wear them without discomfort. This is a work jacket with an appropriate length and volume control through the use of a two-way zipper. *Due to the nature of the washed product, there may be differences in the degree of washing or color for each individual. SIZE MEDIUM LARGE LENGTH 65 67 SHOULDER 59 61 CHEST 57 59 SLEEVE 59 60 FABRIC 100% COTTON