Samantha Holmes

Charcoal Alpaca Travel Shawl And Travel Pillow


Product Details

Travel in style and comfort with the bestselling Alpaca Travel Shawl and Pillow by Samantha Holmes. This generous 80 x 180 cm jersey knit shawl/wrap comes pre-rolled in a matching drawstring bag to make a neat little travel pillow. A deliciously light blend of Alpaca (70%) and Bamboo fibre (30%), this luxurious shawl is ideal for any season. Silky soft, whisper light and hypoallergenic, the Alpaca Travel Shawl is the ultimate companion for long flights, on holiday, at weddings, garden parties - or even just at home! Weightlessly warm and conveniently sized for handbags, the Alpaca Travel Shawl works perfectly for both Winter and Summer and the bolster bag protects it when not in use. The Alpaca Travel Shawl comes in a protective card sleeve with pen & ink illustrations to demonstrate the various ways to wear it. Available colours: Russett, Pale Pink, Oyster, Citrus and Raspberry. About the brand: Samantha works closely with various small independent producer groups in poor communities. The groups are principally family businesses and individual home workers who, prior to working for Samantha, despite the fine quality of their workmanship, had never made Alpaca clothing products for the British and European markets. Samantha visits her workers every year and ensures that they are fairly remunerated and work in good conditions.