Pilo Anti Bulge Razor


Product Details

Represents the ideal balance between function and aesthetics. Pilo No.2 Fabric Shaver is gentle yet effective and removes lint and pilling from all kinds of materials. It has 6 precision blades and a large shaving area, its use time is 2 hours and its charging time is 2.5 hours. Motor speed: 9000rpm, power: 5W and dimensions: 67 x 67 x 93mm. To quickly get your clothes back to being lint and pilling free, place your garment on a flat surface and gently run the nozzle over the fabric. The Pilo No.2 Fabric Shaver is ideal for clothing and home textiles such as knitwear, coats, scarves, socks, sofas, armrests and blankets. It works on all types of material, even the most sensitive, and also has a new solution that makes it easy to remove lint from the machine. This product cannot be sold to any person under the age of 18.