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Orangery Scented Leaves Pack of 5


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Orangery Scented Leaves Pack of 5 These scented leaves are the perfect instead of diffusers. Diffusers have their place but invariably they gather dust and are difficult to gift to someone without the implicit suggestion that their downstairs loo is a bit whiffy. Scented leaves however . . . True Grace sent me a sample of one of these earlier in the year and it has been hung from the back of a door in a spare bedroom and still, every time I open the door to that room the scent is carried. Another sample one was placed in our car (normally a refuge for discarded parking tickets and the detritus left aft another trip to the household recycling) and again the scent manages to distract from the otherwise unkempt nature. There are five individually wrapped leaves in each pack and each comes with a hanging loop. The leaves are made in England. We have 6 different scents: Black Lily, English Garden, Fig, Library, Orangery & Portobello Oud. The scent notes below are from True Grace Orangery: Orange blossom blended with deeper rose and jasmine perfumes Please note True Grace have changed the design of the scented cardboard leaf from the shield shape to a perfume bottle shape. While we still have stock of both shapes you may receive either of the formats.