True Grace

True Grace Manor Classic Candle In Library


Product Details

Walking into a library with the scent of leather-covered books, lovingly-polished furniture and rows of ancient shelves. A smoky blend of wood, amber and moss. This Library classic candle is presented in a softly smoked glass. The unique mixture of renewablevegetable & natural wax has been specially blended to provide an even & clean burn, filling the room with our beautiful fragrance. This woody scented candle features notes of wood, moss, fir balsam & smoky scents * top notes: smoky, cade oil * middle notes: fir balsam, birch * base notes: woods, moss ~ Approx. burn time of 40 hours. ~ Natural pure cotton wick. ~ Fully re-useable glass (the wax blend is water-soluble). ~ Hand-poured in their carbon-neutral Wiltshire factory. \- Height 9cm x Diameter 7.5c \- Wax fill 190g / 6.5oz \- Burn Time Approximately 40 Hours \- Fully recyclable packaging