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The Modern Flower Press - Melissa Richardson and Amy Fielding


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The Modern Flower Press - Melissa Richardson and Amy Fielding Once associated with a rather dowdy pastime pressing flowers has undergone something of a reinvention in the past few years. This reinvention is in part down to the authors of this book and their company JamJar flowers and its sister company JamJar edit. There is obviously a circularity to most things but Melissa and Amy brought something new to their vision of pressed flowers and made it into a very modern (rather than Victorian-housewife!) thing. Historically it was of course a vital resource for horticulturalists, naturalists and plant collectors. In the absence of other resources it was an invaluable way of illustrating classifications of plants. In this book they talk about the history surrounding flower pressing and the reinvention of the craft into a modern form that celebrates the colour, shape and beauty of flowers. They show you how to choose the right flowers for pressing and then how to prepare and press them. There are step-by-step instructions but also the inspiration to use flower pressings in new ways. Hardback. 288 pages. Measurements: 19.6cm x 25.3cm x 2.3cm