Roam Peach Hibiscus Pine 12.5oz Candle


Product Details

The 12.5oz Roam candles (which come in thick brightly coloured glass with a patterned cotton drawstring bag) have been designed to explore the invigorating fragrances of four vibrant summer destinations. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise, roam amongst the sweet aroma of succulent peaches and the fresh floral scent of hibiscus. #### **Notes** **Top:** Peach, Raspberry, Orange **Middle:** Rose, Pine, Hibiscus **Bottom:** Balsamic, Vanilla **Additional Info:** * Wooden wick * Brightly coloured thick, heavy glass * Branded WXY re-usable cotton bag * 350g/12.5oz Candle * Hand Poured In The UK * 100% Plant Based Wax * Palm And Paraben Free * Charity donation See other Wxy products we stock